Maria Pilar Marco-Francia

Doctora en Derecho penal. Profesora Asociada del Área de Derecho Penal (Toledo). Título de tesis : «Los agresores sexuales de menores: aspectos criminológicos y tratamiento jurídico penal». Director : Eduardo Demetrio Crespo.

1992 High Diploma in Criminology. Institute of Criminology of San Sebastian. University of the Basque Country.

1994 Degree in Law. Faculty of Law. University of Zaragoza.

1996 LL,M, in Computers and Law. Law School. Queen’s University of Belfast. United Kingdom.

2008 Degree in Criminology. Law Faculty. University of Murcia.

2011 Diploma on Avanced studies (Criminal Law). Faculty of Law (Toledo). University of Castilla la Mancha.

2012 Degree in Social Work. Faculty of Social Studies (Talavera de la Reina).University of Castilla la Mancha.

2012 Master in Constitutional Law (L,LM) Faculty of Law (Toledo). University of Castilla la Mancha.

2013 Master in Prevention of Domestic Violence. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Castilla la Mancha.

Mrs Marco-Francia’s main research interest is in Criminal Law and Criminology and she is currently writing up her doctoral thesis on “Sexually violent predators and preventive detention”, examining all the psychological traits of the individuals who become sexual predators and how society’s need for protection can be managed within the limits of liberty and all the constitutional problems that may arise in the penal and criminological treatment of the ”security-liberty” dichotomy.

She is mainly a Criminal Law practitioner, and she is currently working as a solicitor/barrister but she has also recently developed her work as a Public Prosecutor (temporary) in the Public Prosecutions offices in Toledo and Zaragoza.

Her research topics are quite broad and, in addition to Criminal Law, Criminology and Psychology, also include Family Law.

Some publications: